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there are over 25 thousand kids
in the texas foster care system
nearly all of them have heterosexual parents

Child Protective Services (CPS) is responsible for promoting the integrity and stability of Texas families; investigating reports of child abuse and neglect; and providing homes and various services for children who cannot safely remain with their own families.

While DPRS attempts to find permanent placements for all of the foster children in its care, it does not always succeed. About 900 Texas foster children in state care “age out” of the system each year, leaving foster care when they become eighteen or upon graduation from high school.

the vast majority of children who "age out" end up in jail or on welfare
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these are the faces
of the kids in foster care -
by the thousands
they wait
for a safe place to land

now a bill passes
in the texas house
banning homosexuals
from being foster parents

shame on them
900 kids
leave the lone star states
pathetic and substandard care
without ever having
a home of their own

no parents are better than gay parents
according to moronic REPUBLICAN robert talton
and his partner in hate
fellow gop & nra member
suzanna hupp

i met her
ms hupp
shook her hand
during the million mom march
told her i was sorry for her loss
her pain unimaginable

both of suzannas parents were shot dead
during the lubys massacre
as she lay helpless beside them
her registed handgun sat
locked in her car
a few yards away

how does one survive that?

i understood when suzanna became
a vocal pro gun lobby gal
how could she not
i imagine she is plagued with - if only

but this bill
this hate filled rhetoric
posing as policy
how can susan
allow this to become her legacy

Eva Thibaudeau, who with her partner of eight years is a licensed foster parent, said she was in shock over the amendment. During the past eight years, she and her partner have adopted four kids and fostered 75 children. "I am just so hurt and surprised, especially now [when] we are facing an ongoing crisis of not having enough resources to take care of foster children," said Thibaudeau, a social worker.

are any of those who voted
foster parents
have they looked into the eyes of these lost children
before deciding to limit their options
of being found

righty / lefty
hazel / blue
gay / straight
tall / short

wake up people
kids die in foster care daily in america
the whole system needs to be overhauled
kicking the queers
who are ready willing and able to help
is absurd