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ted koppel is my hero
first defying the government ban
on showing faces of the dead
our kids all - gone forever
sent to die
by baby bush

now tonight - finally
the wounded ones
bodies ripped - minds ravaged
the truth of this insane "war"
for thirty minutes

limbless shattered
broken and brave
these amazing young americans
anwsered the call to duty
unlike the man who sent them to war
they served our nation

walter reed army medical center
filled to capacity
you have to see it to believe it
show us - please
the extent of the sacrifice
the cost of the lie
charred flesh
scorched souls

will many die
when men decieve
war means death

life liberty and the pursuit of happiness
guaranteed by the boys in philly
one hot summer - 200 plus years ago
we also were instructed what to do
should anyone try to take away those three
unalienable rights

whenever any form of government
becomes destructive of these ends
it is the right of the people
to alter or abolish it
and to institute new government

dan rather gone
tom brokaw done
peter jennings sick
ted kopple quitting

i'm starting to lose hope
courage comes from experience
who will slay the dragons
show the truth

public outrage spurned on
by free press images
of human suffering
ended viet nam
show us

bush was booed by the masses
in st peters yesterday
hardly makes news
in america