*the unedited rantings of a fat 43 year old menopausal ex -talk show host * -married mother of four- read at your own risk - my spelling sux (add * ocd * adhd * lmnop * suv * dvd * y not me)



ok constatine
that's a movie
this rock star kid
who went to b way
and it felt ok
so he jumped
blindly off faith cliff
how bad could it be
american idol
hey it's ok

remember when he told his band he was going
my handsome hero constintine was ridiculed
but on he went

remember episode one
he was chosen out of the line
as one of the maybe you are going's
and he dodged the bullet

a daughter to the left
a sister to the right

right b4 he was saved
i saw in his eyes
no fucking way
this cannot be the end

it wasn't
who looked kinda high
rocked the room

how bout that
i loved it

first time i saw that scotty guy
i said to kelli
he's a felon
last week in people mag
his mug shot

he shocked me tonight
i almost didn't believe it was live
it was
simon saying to vonzell
i was thinking about which black girl
would go first
as if the two of them
in the finals
was out of the question
he's an asshole

i wanna do rosie's broadway idol
all kids from the chorus
people u don't know
one after another
screaming sondheim
in the mask with vibrato
god's word signed
in the key of yellow

hold on
here we go