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"if the true story of northern ireland
during the years of the troubles
ever comes to be truly written
women will have a large part of that story to tell

i can think if thousands of women
throughout northern ireland
who through the darkest days
held their community together

i worked on the peace line in the 80’s and 90’s
it was interesting – ya know
i could cross the peace line
there was some danger but not an awful lot
cause I was considered – as a woman
neither orange or green

so that made work
as a community worker –
relatively easy
to form networks
and news networks are alive and thriving today
as they have never been

we believe that the new politics we are now creating
will incorporate the principals of
Equality - Inclusiveness and Human Rights

we have always said – and continue to say
that human rights and equality
are not a victory
for one group over another

they are the basic requirements
that must form the bedrock of the society
that we are building
a society which - we should feel proud
to be able to fashion for our children

i would like to see women get a more prominent place
in public bodies - in politics in particular
because there are a lot of issues
around children - around equality - around poverty
all the issues women have dealt with
on the ground
for years and years and years
are simply being put on the back burner

we come here today because we believe in
a just america
a good america
a strong america
able to help people here
and all over the world

we see humanity as our family
and we know that we are indeed
our brothers keepers
as a country we must re-claim our heart
and lead with love

we were all betrayed
by those citing the reasons for invading iraq
that shifted like desert sands

we were betrayed
by this administration that went against
the international community and called
millions protesting - a focus group

we were betrayed by a president
who on may 1st
landed on a photogenic air craft carrier
decked out with “mission accomplished”
and more of our troops have died since then

betrayed by an administration that allows our loved ones
to be occupiers – securing safety for
halliburton and bechtell to reap billions

betrayed by an administration that sought
to cut combat pay - as our president was saying
“BRING EM ON” to the armed iraqi resistance

there’s a lot of people saying
that for some unknown reason
I have some how become the mother of this movement
I didn’t choose this journey
but I am dammed well gonna make sure
my son did not die in vain
and if I am able
with the strength of my child
to touch the core that lives within you
we will take america back
because it does belong to us”

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