*the unedited rantings of a fat 43 year old menopausal ex -talk show host * -married mother of four- read at your own risk - my spelling sux (add * ocd * adhd * lmnop * suv * dvd * y not me)



george o'dowd
wrote a new book
i am cast as a villian
a pottery barn lesbian
not quite gay enough

my knighted gay brother
called to tell me
we laughed
georgie boy .... unreachable

fame is fun again

i love the super nanny
this could be englands most vital export
a beautiful bundle of brains and braun
teaching US the basics of child raising

i wish they left the camera on 4 real
when she checks the dvd to see
how the family is doing without her
4 real

she should go to washington next
put condie rice in the naughty chair
she scares me condi
i expect her to unzip her skin
and have dick cheneys twin brother step out laughing -
like on scooby doo
"on my god - that voo-doo man/monster is really the owner of this abandoned amusement park!"
we been punked

howard stern reads this blog
that may not seem odd to u - but it is to me
now i want it to be brilliant
howie and marshall did all the heavy lifting
back in november
big props

almost did it
won in my mind
as the bad guys cheated - cause they can

i turned off comments after i heard
fearing his 17 yr old angry boys
of my high school days
calling me names

"fat head bla blooey lesbo freak dyke"
yes - got it

not quite freaky enough for the boy - however
i was 1980 student council president
hi ho hi ho - off 2 the mall i go

i am thinking about going back on tv
how when with who