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married again

Judge says California can't ban gay marriage
San Jose Mercury News

A San Francisco judge on Monday declared California's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional, the first such ruling in the state's history and the first in a legal battle that is now destined for the appellate courts.
Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer concluded that it violates equal-protection rights of gay and lesbian couples to deny them the right to marry, making him one of a number of judges around the country to recently strike down laws forbidding same-sex unions. The judge ruled in a case brought by a dozen gay couples seeking the right to marry, as well as San Francisco city officials and civil rights groups who've challenged existing state law.


how about that?
we have been un-annulled
feels nice
now get ready

cause all we r gonna hear about are
"activist" judges
anyone who doesnt agree with g
is an activist judge
who can't be trusted

3 branches of government
judicial iz one
check and balance boys
dems da rules

will gw have the class of eisenhower
who did not deride earl warren
the big chief - ike said
"there must be no second class citizens in our country"

and we moved forward as a nation

everybody breathe