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the comments
well it's hard to read them
impossible not to
pesky pandora

first off thanks for looking
worry not though
i am not sad
these are not poems

michael jackson in his pj's made me cry
why has mario quit american idol?
the shick intuition razor is the best invention
since the tampon multi-pack

i went to sommerville this weekend - a suburb of boston
to raise money for the public elementary school
they need books - in a public school - in america
it does not make the news

stories of teachers buying chalk and paper
out of their un-imaginably small salary
students sharing desks - text books
here in america - democracy

we are force feeding this ideal
to the world via violence
with a cooperating corporate mass media
as nixons crimes pale to white
in comparison

we impeached him

i am waiting for my 20 something
woodward and bernstein
to make their way to the surface
and claim their place in history

in todays world dan rather gets fired
for his attack on g's character
his mistake - he thought the fax was real
out he goes - traitor

we live in dangerous times
when our childrens childrens
will ask us
"what was it like then - when democracy almost died"

and i will tell them of the heros
who were smart and brave enough
how they worked together
how they saved our country
from itself

solo luminus - erasure